24/7 Service Desk

Simplicity Networks provides a 24/7 Service Desk that acts as the crucial link between your users and IT support. Our dedicated team manages user communication, service requests, and incidents, making it easier for your users to get the IT help they need. Our Service Desk can be considered an extension of your business’s IT support, with the sole aim of ensuring high-quality service delivery to your organization around the clock. Trust us to provide reliable and efficient IT support that meets the needs of both potential customers and tech enthusiasts alike.

Project Services

At Simplicity Networks, our skilled project management team is dedicated to ensuring that your projects are completed on schedule and within budget. We work with you to align your IT projects with your business goals and objectives, providing the necessary guidance and support to help you succeed.

VOIP Solutions

Simplicity Networks’ VOIP solutions enable you to make calls from anywhere anytime using an internet-connected computer and headset. Also known as Telephony, VOIP is a phone service that is delivered over the Internet, making it a convenient and cost-effective way to communicate.

Network Cabling & Cable Management

Your guide to server rack, ethernet & patch panel cable organization

Structured Cabling is the backbone of every modern business. It binds together a company’s voice and
data network that makes the communication with the outside world possible. Simplicity Networks can
assess, design, consult and install Ethernet and Fibre Optic cables where required.
A cable management system not only contributes to solid system uptime but also delivers significant
aesthetic appealing. More importantly, efficient network cable management can lower operation cost &
time and increases the versatility and flexibility of network operation and maintenance.
Effective network cable management helps to improve physical appearance, cable traceability, airflow,
cooling efficiency and troubleshooting time while eliminates the chance for human error. Meanwhile,
power and data cable management within server racks also ensures the health and longevity of your